MontrÉal, QUEBEC

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Montréal, Quebec 20 (20)

20The Lowdown
Montreal clings on to 20th spot in the Index and is the sole North American representative. It’s no secret that the city has led the continent for a couple of decades, building cycle tracks long before any other city had even thought about it.

The Plateau borough has led the way in recent years with clear political vision. The modal share there, in North America’s most densely populated neighbourhood is now in double digits.

The rest of the city is slowly but surely following suit. The greatest challenges are upgrading the outdated bi-directional system and planning an intelligent network. Politician Marc-André Gadoury is leading the charge with an infrastructure project featuring Best Practice cycle tracks in Rosemont and Mayor Denis Coderre is beginning to put some action behind his words.

The city is improving at gathering data and using it wisely and new infrastructure is being built. The city’s bike share system still plays an integral role.

For the past two Indexes, Montreal balances delicately on the 20th spot. It doesn’t take much to slip. Especially given the competition rising fast in both Canada and the US.Whether Montreal is still on the list in 2019 is entirely up to them.

The Fixes
Far too many streets in the city are still unsafe. Cyclists are herded down streets which get congested between spring and fall, instead of planning infrastructure along all of the city’s main corridors. With such an impressive starting point, it is time for Montreal to prove their worth. The introduction of Best Practice infrastructure is welcome but it needs to become the standard for bicycle planning from now on.

And why isn't the bike share system open year round?