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Helsinki, Finland 18 (new)

18The Lowdown
Helsinki made it into the inaugural Index in 2011 but then was left to hover below the surface until this year. The city has been ahead of the curve for many years, with bike infrastructure in place before many other cities rediscovered it. The city works hard to keep the infrastructure clear of snow in the winter.

We have seen bicycle count documents from the 1930s in Helsinki that show upwards of 10,000 cyclists a day on main corridors so there is little stopping the Finnish capital from going back to the future. The cycle path on the former rail line, Baana, has been a positive addition to the city but now it is time to upgrade the infrastructure on the streets.

While primarily a national organisation, the new Finnish Cycling Federation is a welcome addition to the advocacy in Helsinki, as well.

Helsinki launched its bike share in 2016 and it is already a success, with further improvements and expansion being planned.

The city has a goal of 15% modal share by 2020, in line with many European cities and it published its first bi-annual bicycle account in 2015.

Helsinki is back in the Top 20 and looks like it will be doing what it can to stay there.

The Fixes
Helsinki’s modal share has been stable for a number of years but the current climate should make it much easier to reach their goal of 15% by 2020. The infrastructure network in the 1930s should be direct inspiration for the city’s work in planning for the future.