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  • Munich - The Copenhagenize Index

Munich, Germany 15 (new)

15The Lowdown
Munich returns to the Top 20 after dropping out in 2015. The Bavarian city impresses with its efforts to improve city life and using the bicycle as a primary tool to make that happen.

The city has a higher modal share than both Berlin and Hamburg but we see a certain level of complacency of late.

The city has the largest network of 30 km/h zones in Germany and there is an impressive amount of best practice infrastructure to be had. Indeed, they have constructed the most infrastructure of any city in Germany over the past few years.

The city has previously excelled at communicating cycling as transport and we look forward to a revival.

There is good signage to help people navigate through the city by bike and the city is planning 14 bicycle superhighways to encourage people to cycle to the city from farther out.

Given the rising focus in cities around the world about bicycle urbanism, Munich has a clear headstart but we are curious to see where the city will go from here.

The Fixes
Munich should be looking at where it’s headed. So many cities are establishing clear goals and we would like to see Munich’s plan for reaching 30% modal share for bikes.