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Seville, Spain 14 (10)

14The Lowdown
Seville was a global first mover in quickly and efficiently putting bikes back as transport and wowed us all for a few years with their political vision. They have, however, slipped down the Index for the second consecutive time due to inactivity. After a pause, it looks like Seville is ready to resume their drive.

The new municipal government is bicycle positive and speaking passionately about taking the city further.

The bicycle plan that launched their first generation of infrastructure and that took the city to 7% modal share from virtually zero is up for renewal. The City is keen to make up for lost time and update their existing infrastructure as well as plan new. They are pushing for Bicycle Network 2.0.

A solid status quo was established in their first bold push. The baseline for expansion and improvement is solid. The infrastructure may not be intuitive or well-designed, but there is an all-important network and the citizens show that they are willing to ride. With the new bicycle strategy, a lot of fixing is required.

The Fixes
While many cities are keen to expand and increase the length of the bicycle network, Seville is well-advised to focus primarily on improving the existing network and making it more coherent. Then focus on expanding. Much of the network looks like bicycles were squeezed in here and there. Polish it up, straighten it out and Seville will easily hit 20% modal share.