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Paris, France 13 (17)

13The Lowdown
Like in Berlin, Barcelona and Oslo, there is strong political will in Paris for improving the quality of life for the citizens. The City’s bicycle plan has a declared goal of 15% modal share by 2020. While we don’t see that happening, Paris still moves forward. The election promises from Mayor Anne Hidalgo regarding bicycle urbanism may have plateaued, but they haven’t stagnated. We remember her stating that Paris would be the best bicycle city in the world by 2020 but time is ticking on.

With that said, each month there is a meeting between the City and local associations and mobility stakeholders, showing a refreshing desire to be transparent and inclusive. The City employs positive communication about its cycling plans.

There are plans to expand the benchmark bike share system Vélib’ to Greater Paris and new bikes are hitting the streets in 2018.

The general work to improve city life and give it back to pedestrians and cyclists is reflected in the conversion of a congested expressway along the river to pedestrians and cyclists.

New advocacy groups like Paris en Selle are providing a welcome pressure on the City with their focus on cycling for regular citizens.

Despite ideas like bicycle infrastructure in the middle of the Champs Elysees that show the City struggles with understanding design, Paris nonetheless rises four spots in the 2017 Index and is a city to watch.

The Fixes
Paris needs better network-wide infrastructure and planning that incorporates best practice design. With the current political climate, it is now that Paris should consolidate its plans.

The city is a perfect candidate for a solid push for last-mile logistic solutions with local companies as well as global logistic companies. Using the river and the canals for transporting goods and connecting that with a fleet of cargo bikes would be simple and effective.

Oh, and get some bike racks.