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  • Vienna - The Copenhagenize Index
  • Vienna - The Copenhagenize Index

Vienna, Austria 12 (16)

12The Lowdown
Vienna moves up four places on the Index this time around. After years of cautious baby steps, it looks like the city is accelerating its efforts.

A number of individual projects have seen the light of day. The city is the first large city to install a cargo bike share system and has provided subsidies to citizens who wish to purchase one. The rise of the cargo bike here is impressive.

The city boasts 1300 km of bike infrastructure, but much of that is recreational. The city centre feels pleasantly traffic calmed and some cycle tracks look like the City is thinking about a network.

Traffic calming key streets while providing improved access for bikes is proving successful. Strong and organised advocacy provides needed encouragement to city officials.

The City still excels at communicating cycling as a normal transport form and inspiring other cities around the world with their narrative.

The Fixes
For all the brilliant ideas that are seeing the light of day in Vienna, the city needs to match it with infrastructure. The politicians are keen to talk at all manner of conferences, but the fact remains that the city’s modal share isn’t rising fast.