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Ljubljana, Slovenia 8 (13)

8The Lowdown
Ljubljana has created its own momentum over the years and being the Green Capital of Europe 2016 has provided an extra boost. There are serious efforts to transform the city in all aspects of modern urbanism in general and planning for bicycles in particular.

The city has seen an increase in modal share for bikes but it is not content on resting on its laurels. Planning for cycling continues and city has the advantage of already having a decent and relatively cohesive network. Growing cycling levels will be easier than in many other cities.

Advocacy and politics work well together here and the city’s cycling officer is more highly regarded than in many cities in the region. Positive promotion of cycling is a key element on Ljubljana’s journey to becoming more bicycle-friendly.

The city is focusing on life-sized streets and understands the role of the bicycle in the transport equation. Ljubljana deserves its place on the Index.

The Fixes
We think that Ljubljana is poised for dramatic change. All the elements are in place. There is no reason why the city cannot achieve 20-30% modal share for bicycles in just a few years. Much of their infrastructure is Best Practice, which makes it easier to build further.

The city’s modal share should be rising faster, to be honest. Cars still occupy a lot of space in the city’s transport policy. The balance needs to tip more in favour of public transport and bicycles. The high car ownership rate in the country must be reduced.