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  • Antwerp - The Copenhagenize Index
  • Antwerp - The Copenhagenize Index
  • Antwerp - The Copenhagenize Index
  • Antwerp - The Copenhagenize Index

Antwerp, Belgium 7 (9)

7The Lowdown
Since the 2013 Index, Antwerp rises and falls on the top half the ranking and in 2017 they have bumped themselves back up to seventh place.

Antwerp remains the best large city in Belgium for cycling. For many years the city has maintained a highly respectable level of cycling for transport. Progress has been slow but we sense some serious momentum.

The bike share system is to be expanded to reach beyond the ring road which will bring a residential neighbourhood into the transport loop.

The City is implementing modern design bike racks and there are temporary bike parking facilities for large events. The bike parking at the Central Station continues to impress and other stations are getting improved parking facilities as well.

New infrastructure in the form of wide, protected cycle tracks along the harbour as well as three bicycle/pedestrian bridges and a massive plan to bury the ring motorway - which will include bicycle infrastructure as well as loads of new urban space. All signs that Antwerp is trying to accelerate its modernisation.

The Fixes
The potential for Antwerp to reach a modal share of 25% and beyond and even to reach the levels of cycling in the top three cities on this Index is great. Uniform infrastructure and a drastic reduction of car traffic is the way forward. Political will in the city swings back and forth like a pendulum. A clear vision is required.