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Malmö, Sweden 5 (6)

5 The Lowdown
Since we last took a look at Malmö in 2015, the city has continued their focus on cementing the bicycle as transport in the city.

We were thrilled to see the opening of Cykelhuset - The Bicycle House - a development designed to allow residents to live car-free and to accommodate bicycles and cargo bikes throughout the entire building. A sign that developers are finally catching up with the times. Next door, the Bicycle Hotel provides modern travellers with relevant accommodation in a bicycle-friendly city.

With a cargo bike distribution center in the city’s central train station, there is a pilot project combining all important cargo bike logistics with garbage collection. The City is looking to upgrade their bike share and further develop their infrastructure.

The new bicycle ferry between Malmö and Copenhagen will strengthen bicycle tourism in the region. Malmö may be the little sibling to the other cities around them but they just seem to shrug and get on with it. The City is populated by a great group of people all intent on carving out a place for themselves in the global bicycle narrative.

The Fixes
It must be getting embarrassing to be Gothenburg and Stockholm and watch Malmö continue to plan for bicycles as transport. In the Swedish national context, the gap is widening between the cities. And hey… whatever happened to the cycle track between Malmö and Lund? Bumped to 2021? Seriously? Malmö has a strong focus - although we would like to see more political will - and this should translate into hard infrastructure now. Soft initiatives are welcome but the City should exploit the momentum and start upgrading their infrastructure.